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420 Perfect Series

420 Perfect Series 420 Perfect Series Lumimi

420 Perfect Series

It is perfectly designed to blend with the movements of the human body – It goes beyond the basic demand of traditional materials. It is gracefully fitting, beautifully comfortable & uniquely soft.

The world’s first world-class patent, creating a new concept of stature curve!

To give you a general adjustment of the body shape underwear, cannot replace the perfect shape and comfort

1. Soft Skin Contact – ultra-thin material
2. The feeling of no bundle-hyper-density weaving Method
3. Effective design – Patented cutting

Highly recommended!

1.Usually less exercise, bad living habits
2. Body fat accumulation lead to measurements curve uneven and body type hypertrophy
3. Strong breast began to expand, sagging, slack and auxiliary breast problems
4. Hips flat, sagging, belly fat too much

LUMIMI 420 perfect series has a breakthrough reform, it is not just lingerie, today MPI Bodyline adjustable underwear can do fashion exquisite collocation, so to show you the excellent grace, whether it is casual, work, appointments, dinner or party all appropriate.

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