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Vision & Mission

Your decision will affect the quality & financial position or your life

MPI, with its origin in 1990, has since grown to be a reliable and trusted company. We take pride in our excellent service, professionalism and management expertise. Over the years, we have assisted and developed many capable business partners-cum-business owners, who are enjoying high quality lifestyles together with their business associates.

The pillar of success in MPI is our world-class quality products with unique distinctive features and functions, which have benefited many customers and the general public.

Specialty Chain-store

Our unique “specialty chain-store” business is not only rewarding but exciting. It is a  tremendous business opportunity with huge potential for everyone. Professionalism and personal growth are ensured via our MPI’s Training & Education System. Our company staff is always ready to assist and support your business-building in MPI. Lastly, I like to welcome you to MPI for the betterment of you and your family’s future  health and happiness.

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